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Dive Into the Depths With 'Beneath the Waves'

Beneath the Waves
Spring's barely arrived, yet we're already looking ahead to summer and the prospect of lounging on the beach with a trashy paperback in hand. In the meantime, we've picked a few of our favorite nautically themed games to satisfy our longing for the sea.

'Beneath the Waves' is a seafaring adventure that takes you to the bottom of the ocean floor and back again in search of eight stone idols. Thankfully you have the lung capacity of a humpback whale, since you must dive deep into the depths to recover these idols, all the while avoiding a legion of sea beasties, from sharks to jellyfish. Each idol must then be placed upon a pedestal on the surface, which requires some daring platforming. It's a nice mix of two disparate game-play styles (with an emphasis on finesse and planning over mindless action) that we can definitely appreciate.

Beneath the Waves

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