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Artificial 'Clouds' Could Cool World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Artificial Clouds
Although perhaps less prone to absurd extravagance than the neighboring United Arab Emirates, Qatar always seems to have some project up its sleeve that would bankrupt most countries of its size. It landed the 2022 World Cup by promising to air condition the open-air stadiums it built for the games. To accomplish this difficult (and incredibly wasteful) feat, Qatar is constructing a fleet of "artificial clouds" that it will pilot over the stadiums to provide shade and cooling. The "clouds" are actually giant, solar-powered drone aircraft piloted by remote control, and will cost roughly $500,000 each.

The artificial clouds seem like an interesting solution to playing sports outdoors in a country where temperatures regularly reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of summer. But we're a little concerned about what might happen if an actual cloud passes overhead and cuts power to these soccer-field-sized monstrosities.

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