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Ad Firm Turns to Twitter for Latest Batch of Interns

Lucky 13
Twitter is better known for its ability to cost people jobs, but it can also land you a position with an employer (and not just by having your lame Twitter feed turned into an even lamer TV show). Advertising firm Campbell Mithun selected its incoming crop of summer interns through a Twitter contest dubbed 'Lucky 13.' Applicants were asked to pitch their qualifications in 140-character fragments over the course of 13 days (one tweet per day). The contest saw over 300 applicants, out of which six were chosen by Campbell Mithun. You can check out the 13 winning tweets from the interns at the Campbell Mithun blog. (When compiled into a single "cover letter"-style package, they approach an absurdist comic brilliance.)

The company turned to Twitter because, as Debbie Fischer (an HR manager at Campbell Mithun) told the New York Times, "We thought it would be appropriate to add a digital component... [given] the increasing digital nature of our day-to-day work." The experiment was also a hit with the applicants, who found tweeting much more natural than sending a resume. The applicants also engaged with each other using social media. One of the winning applicants, Mark Manalaysay told the Times, "It was very public, which kept it very interesting. We've actually been very social with each other." Another winning intern, Genette Sekse, said that "it was fun checking out the competition."

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