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Voice-Controlled Game 'Pah!' Guarantees You'll Be the Most Obnoxious Subway Rider

Aahhhh. Pah! Pah! Aaahhhh. What's that you ask? Oh, nothing -- just the dulcet tones of the most annoying video game ever created. A tall claim, what with all the Zynga choices out there, but we really do think this one's got it in the bag. This Lucky7 Labs iPhone game is voice-controlled; "aah" moves the ship, while "pah!" fires away. Multiply that by an entire subway car full of players, and you may as well abandon all hope. The developers claim on the Apple App Store: "Extreme stomach aches due to laughter may be experienced during the play of this game." Or due to being punched in the gut by your pissed-off neighbor. Either way, good times had by all!

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