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Video Turntables Make Picking a Flick More Social

Video Turntables
The Video Turntable is a unique installation that debuted at the Encounters Film Festival in the U.K. this week. The display uses QR codes to lead participants to a website on their smartphones, where they pick the trailer of one of the films being shown at the festival. Once selected, the trailer is projected onto a round bar table that viewers can gather around and watch together, allowing festival-goers to pick a movie together or share a film they just saw. The table can even detect when people approach, rotating the projection to keep the image right side up.

The tables use a technology called Krstl from Matter2Media, which ensures the content is exclusive to that location. (So only festival attendees will be able to enjoy the trailers.) You can check out a video of the tables in action at the Matter2Media website.

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