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'The Journey Home' Revels in the Joys of Nintendo Hard Gaming

The Journey Home
We've been feeling homesick, with nothing but these games to soothe our longing. Our picks this week will leave you yearning for a mom-cooked meal, or joyously reliving the day you left the nest.

Thank God our daily commute has never, ever been as rough as the one portrayed in 'The Journey Home.' If it were, we'd never leave home in the first place. (Not that we really do anyway. Ah, the joys of freelancing!) This monochrome platformer will remind any old-school gamer of the frustrating NES classics from days gone by. Screens full of projectiles, enemies with random movement patterns, and a sticky jumping mechanic will inspire harrowing flashbacks of 'Contra' and 'Ninja Gaiden.' It's a delightful reminder of "Nintendo Hard" difficulty that will leave newer gamers with severe PTSD, and give hardened veterans a great reason to launch into a long-winded diatribe about how easy the kids have it today.

The Journey Home

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