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'Cloud Girlfriend' Makes Sad Guys Feel Worse About Being Single

cloud girlfriend
It's easy to feel sorry for lonely dudes. Beyond the fact that they are desolate, there are entire industries devoted to making them feel worse and taking their money. (The same goes for lonely ladies, as well, but let's keep the focus on guys for a moment). So, when apps like 'Cloud Girlfriend' come along, offering to create the "perfect woman" who will fake a loving relationship with someone on Facebook, we can't decide what concerns us more: the fact that individuals might actually pay for this service out of desperation, or that the creators actually thought it could be a lucrative service.

The site itself provides little information, so we signed up to see if we could get the inside scoop. Of course, the sign-up sheet only encourages us to invite more people (so our "invite" could be processed more quickly), and there isn't an FAQ to be found. According to All Facebook, those who are familiar with Facebook's terms of services believe 'Cloud Girlfriend' will be nipped at the bud. If not, we have several questions:
  • Can I have a Cloud Girlfriend? Or does the Cloud Girlfriend only cater to heterosexual needs?
  • If she is virtual, does that mean she will be rendered in goofy AI?
  • Why do I need to be invited to create something generated by an app?
  • What's more embarrassing: not having a girlfriend because you haven't met the right lady, or paying a virtual service to publicly fake a relationship?
That being said, here's an idea for a brilliant start-up: get real girls to be fake girlfriends, complete with fully realized lives. You know, create pictures, Photoshop the two of you together, and have her post things on your Wall like, "Happy Birthday baby!", "You make me feel like a natural woman," etc.

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