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Web 'Comedian' Peter Coffin Caught Being His Own Girlfriend

Peter CoffinChances are you've never heard of Peter Coffin (the "comedian" not the artist) or Xiaxue, and even after reading this story you probably won't care about them. But the pissing match between the two is far too bizarre to ignore. It all started, it seems, when Coffin took to Twitter to attack Xiaxue, a blogger and model from Singapore who recently had plastic surgery: "Congrats to @Xiaxue on being one step closer to an unattainable goal as well as being a shit role model. The wrong people succeed sometimes."

The two briefly argued about plastic surgery, but Xiaxue decided to block Coffin and end the Twitter fight there... or so she thought. Shortly thereafter, she became the target of one Kimi Kobayashi, Coffin's Japanese girlfriend. Xiaxue blocked her as well, but something didn't seem right. She started to do some digging. Turns out that Kobayashi is not only not Japanese (as her photos were stolen from a Korean woman named Lee Na Young), but she's not even real. Coffin has admitted that Kobayashi is fake, but now claims he's been duped and led on by this Internet imposter. That, however, seems pretty hard to swallow.

All signs point to Coffin being behind the Kobayashi account (which has since been deleted). The two engaged in public flirtations and declarations of love. Kobayashi even kept a Tumblr, and constantly posted on Twitpic, including a number of rather racist images directed at Asians and an awful lot of photos of "Japanese" woman standing in front of signs written in Korean. You can read more details about the faux relationship between Coffin and Kobayashi at Xiaxue's blog.

But wait. The story is not over yet. After provoking the wrath of Xiaxue, Coffin fired off a cease-and-desist letter to the model, accusing her of defamation under chapter 21 section 7 of Singapore law, which has nothing to do with defamation or libel. (Chapter 21 section 7 is the betting act.) It doesn't help that the letter is clearly written by someone (likely Coffin himself) playing lawyer; the e-mail came, not from a law firm, but from one of Coffin's personal accounts,

Coffin has since retreated from the public eye, protected his Tweets, and (mercifully) refrained from posting any new "comedy" videos on YouTube. How long will he stay away? Possibly forever. Whoever said "there's no such thing as bad publicity" obviously never got caught pretending to be his own girlfriend.

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