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'Get Home' Merges Music, Gaming, and a Message

Get Home
We've been feeling homesick, with nothing but these games to soothe our longing. Our picks this week will leave you yearning for a mom-cooked meal, or joyously reliving the day you left the nest.

'Get Home' is an ingenious bit of marketing, made in conjunction with the song 'Weathervanes and Chemicals' by the band 'Team Me.' While the game fits the song's lyrics more aptly than its indie pop tone, it's still a fairly successful attempt at merging music and gaming. Its platforming is serviceable (although marred by a poorly scrolling camera), but the game is most successful in its anti-drug message. It's rare to find a game that delivers a "message" without coming across as heavy-handed or yawn-inducing, but 'Get Home' does so quite well, feeling less like an after school special and more like an honest portrayal of drug abuse.

Get Home

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