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Fake Rahm Emanuel Tweets To Be Published IRL

@mayoremanuel tweet
Ordinarily, we're not crazy about Twitter accounts (or Tumblrs, or blogs) getting book deals. It's a little too IRL for us; plus, maybe, we're kinda jealous. But we're nothing but thrilled for @MayorEmanuel, which landed a deal with Scribner to release a book this summer.

In case you don't remember (philistine!), @MayorEmanuel was the surprisingly beautiful, if profanity-laden account of the man who would be mayor. Brainchild of Chicago journalism professor Dan Sinker, the account skyrocketed in popularity and scored Sinker a stint on 'The Colbert Report' as well as a meeting with (the real) Rahm Emanuel. The book, meanwhile, will feature an intro from Biz Stone. All in all, not too shabby a lark.

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