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x-Ar Exoskeleton Arm Prevents RSI, Fattens Us Up for the Slaughter

The x-Ar exoskeleton arm is a spring-loaded device that supports the weight of your arm and any small objects you might be holding, thus minimizing the risk of getting repetitive stress injuries as you perform menial tasks such as assembly-line work. The manufacturer Equipois foresees factories, laboratories and even offices adopting the arm support system. (Commenters at Engadget had some ideas of their own for how to use the x-Ar.) But we think the end of the demo video above reveals its true purpose: to allow fat, lazy Americans to stuff their faces while burning fewer calories. Drinking out of a cup is hard work!

We'd bet good money that Equipois CEO Eric W. Golden has a tome titled 'To Serve Man' in his bookcase.

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