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Google Launches 'Think Quarterly' Magazine for U.K. Partners and Data Nerds

Think Quarterly
Google is getting in on the magazine game. (Sorta.) The company's U.K. arm just published the first issue of Think Quarterly, which the company bills as "breathing space in a busy world... a place to take time out and consider what's happening and why it matters." The 60-page mag was sent to a small selection of Google partners and advertisers in the U.K., but anyone can read it online. The fist issue is all about data, and features an interview with "data superstar" Hans Rosling (who gives a stunning TED talk every six months or so) and a visual history of data capture tools. There is, of course, a decidedly Google-heavy focus, but that doesn't prevent much of the content from being quite interesting (to nerds, at least).

You can read the entire magazine at, in either a traditional Web page format or as a full-screen recreation of the dead-tree magazine experience.

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