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E.U. Facing Cyberattack as Summit Approaches

e.u. summitThe E.U. is facing a cyber-attack of unprecedented proportions, a spokesman for the European Commission said yesterday. The attack began earlier this week, as the Commission prepared for a summit during which a military response in Libya, among other topics, is expected to be discussed.

This ain't exactly the E.U.'s first time at the cyber-attack rodeo; E.U. computers are attacked frequently. Still, it's seldom to this degree. Just three weeks ago, France admitted to having faced a similar attack in the time leading up to the G20 summit.

This latest E.U. breach comes on the heels of several big-league cyber-attacks -- including one targeting the SSL certificates of Gmail, Skype, Yahoo and others. (One expert called it a near "meltdown.") Afterward, Comodo performed an analysis of the attack, and pinpointed Iran as the origin. The perpetrator "executed its attacks with clinical accuracy," the report noted. "All of the above leads us to one conclusion only:- that [sic] this was likely to be a state-driven attack."

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