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Haters Gonna Hate, But Rebecca Black Still Makes Stacks of Cash

Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black, the 13-year old from California that scored a viral hit with her song and video 'Friday,' has endured quite a bit of abuse at the hands of YouTube commenters and 4Chan. But she shouldn't take the hate to heart, because, while the /b/tards are sitting in their parents' basements and wondering what it would be like to see a naked girl in real life, Black is raking in the cash. How much the teen has earned from 'Friday' is anyone's guess, with estimates ranging from around $25,000 per week and up to $1 million in total. Even at the lowest end, that's quite a return on the original investment Black and her mother made in hiring ARK Music Factory; the company wrote and and recorded two songs, and shot a video for $2,000. At this point, the video for 'Friday' has been viewed almost 35 million times, which puts it in the same league as the latest from Lady Gaga, and far ahead of recent singles from Katy Perry and Rihanna. And the song continues to chart in iTunes top 50 songs.

So, as cringe-inducing as the track may be (and it is truly horrible), just remember: this 13-year-old is actually doing something, putting herself out there, and earning cash (hand over fist!) while doing it.

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