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'N?na, Ha?e F?aith,' an Unreadable But Extremely Playable Platformer

N?na, Ha?e F?aith
We've been feeling homesick, with nothing but these games to soothe our longing. Our picks this week will leave you yearning for a mom-cooked meal, or joyously reliving the day you left the nest.

While its title may be unpronounceable, 'N?na, Ha?e F?aith' combines its protagonist's world-shifting abilities with nigh incomprehensible language to create an appropriately alien setting for a story about returning home. By closing her eyes, N?na can shift between a light world and a dark one, each of which will grant her unique powers and allow her to circumvent the many obstacles in her way, from skeletal fiends to unreachable keys. It's a solidly constructed, cute and surreal platformer that's worth playing through, if only to make sure N?na gets home safely.

Nina Have Faith

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