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IMDB App Update to Bring 'Watchlist,' Ticket Purchasing to iPhone, iPad

Major IMDB Update
IMDB will release a major update to its app for iPhone and iPad today, designed to allow users to follow a movie's development from start to finish.

With the update, users will be able to receive news on films and TV shows from the moment they're greenlit and up until the second they're produced via updates from IMDB. Selected projects can be added to a user's 'Watchlist,' which will display information like theater release dates or TV broadcast times. The update also includes a feature that allows users to purchase movie tickets directly from the app.

"Users have been asking for this," IMDB mobile chief Kintan Brahmbhatt told the Hollywood Reporter. "We're setting a trend with this first-of-a-kind app. People can follow a TV show from its production to its airdate." Brahmbhatt added that the revamped app will "cover all forms of entertainment -- from TV, to movies, to DVDs, all on one Watchlist."

Android users, meanwhile, probably won't have to wait too long for their update. "We're working actively on it for the near future," Brahmbhatt confirmed.

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