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Hooray for Mob Rule: Apple Boots 'Ex-Gay' App After 150K People Demand Tolerance

exodus not found in itunes
Well, I was right.'s petition to Apple to remove Exodus International's so-called "gay cure" app has reached 150,000 signatures, and now the app's no longer available. Apple hasn't yet released a statement on the matter.

As Cult of Mac points out: "The real issue [is that] Apple has no coherent policy about what kind of content gets approved and remains in iTunes." Indeed.

Gay Gamer took issue with my defense of the wingnut organization's app, but I think commenter SecretMoblin aptly clarifies one of the points I tried to make previously. "The folks behind Exodus are perfectly aware of the controversy this app would bring... Exodus wants pressure from gay and lesbian organizations to pull the app so it can prove its point about those mean intolerant gays shutting down anybody who gets in their way." Looks like they got their wish.

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