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Tech-Savvy Victim Tracks Laptop Thief, Has Lulz at His Expense

Mark BaoHere's a bit of advice for would-be gadget thieves: don't steal other people's stuff. But if you do have the compulsion to take what isn't yours, do the world a favor, and make sure you steal from people who are incredibly tech-savvy, like Mark Bao. The 18-year-old entrepreneur and student at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts had his MacBook Air stolen roughly two months ago. Last week, Bao discovered he could access some features of the machine, including his browser history and the contents of his hard drive. One of the revelations was that his thief (as have others before him) immediately took a picture with Photo Booth. The crook even recorded himself dancing (terribly) to a remix of Tyga's 'Make it Rain,' which Bao posted on YouTube. Check it out after the break.

Using his access to the browser history, Bao was able to identify the perp from his Facebook page, and plans to report the thief to the police. He also plans to identify him to the campus authorities. (Turns out the guy who snatched the MacBook lives near Bao's dorm.) Bao was able to get access to the data thanks to the automated backup service Backblaze, which synced all changes made in the laptop to the cloud. The best part is that the person currently in possession of Bao's machine has no idea that the victim has access. For now, Bao's just having his "lulz," and doesn't seem terribly concerned with reclaiming his property.

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