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James Franco Attacks Bruce Vilanch on Twitter

Franco and VilanchLook, we understand that it takes a certain amount of self-importance to become a celebrity of note. It probably takes a lack of self-awareness, too. But, if James Franco is under the impression that his performance at this year's Academy Awards was anything less than dreadful, he might be the least self-aware person on Earth. The actor/author/college instructor/multimedia "artist" took to Twitter to lambaste comedian Bruce Vilanch, who had a less than positive take on Franco's performance.

The comedy writer, who has been a staple of award shows for years, told New York Magazine in an interview that he felt Franco was simply trying to do too much at once. (Between hosting the Oscars, he was also attending Yale and filming a movie.) He also said that, contrary to popular belief, Franco was not intoxicated during the ceremony. Apparently Franco, who has already shown a propensity for lashing out with childish pictures posted to Twitter, took offense to what sounds like a reasonable critique of the performance. He tweeted an image of himself and Vilanch, overlaid with the caption: "James fucked up the Oscars. Trust me, I know comedy. I mean, come on, I write for Bette Midler!"

The post was taken down, but not before the blogosphere grabbed screenshots. Oddly, Franco has been largely silent about the overwhelmingly negative reviews that his performance at the Oscars received. But Vilanch offered an honest assessment of the evening's failures, and even seemed to be defending Franco, implying that it wasn't a lack of talent but a lack of time that hindered the evening. Maybe tomorrow Franco will come out and reveal that it's all part of his latest multimedia art stunt about the heroic petulance of celebrities?

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