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Amazon Launches Appstore for Android, Apple Files Lawsuit

amazon appstore
Amazon launched its own Android app store today, despite facing legal challenges from Apple.

The Amazon Appstore will provide a new way for Android users to purchase apps for their mobile and tablet devices, while offering a few features unique to Amazon. Because the online retailer already enjoys a strong consumer base, Amazon will be able to integrate its own marketing and recommendation tools within its Appstore, potentially providing users with more accurate and personalized suggestions.

Its recommendation algorithm will generate app suggestions based not only on a user's purchasing history on the Appstore, but on his or her activity on, as well. The service will also offer one paid app for free every day, beginning with 'Angry Birds Rio.'

"We spent years building shopping features that help customers find the products that are relevant to them from amidst a massive selection," Aaron Rubenson, the Appstore's category leader, told the New York Times, "and we're excited to apply those capabilities to the apps market."

The new service has already drawn objections from Apple, which filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Amazon on Friday, claiming ownership over the App Store name. "We've asked Amazon not to copy the App Store name because it will confuse and mislead customers," Apple said in a statement.

Google may have cause for concern, as well. Unlike other app markets, the Amazon Appstore will offer prices set by Amazon itself. Developers can suggest prices for their apps, but Amazon will have the ultimate say on its market price. Theoretically, then, it'd be pretty easy for Amazon to undercut Google's Android Market. And Google, of course, would see none of the revenue.

A Google spokesman declined to comment to the Times.

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