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iPhone App Makes Drunken Tweets, Status Updates Magically Disappear

'last night never happened'Every now and then, we come across a new iPhone app that makes us scratch our chins and wonder, "How did this not exist already?" 'Last Night Never Happened' is one such app.

LNNH markets itself as "the world's first morning-after app," but, unfortunately, it's not what it sounds like. This app, you see, has one goal, and one goal only: to wipe out all the tweets and status updates that Drunk You posted last night, in order to make life more manageable for Hungover You this bleary morning.

Last Night Never Happened

All you have to do is sync the app with your Twitter or Facebook account, and tell LNNH how many hours' worth of activity you want to erase from your digital record. Hit the LNNH button, and 'poof,' all those embarrassing missives are gone forever. You can even replace your deleted statuses with a personalized message (e.g., "So glad I stayed in last night!", "OMG I LOVE my boss!", etc.).

Granted, LNNH won't be able to keep you from sending drunken texts and e-mails, and it certainly won't do much to keep you from stumbling around and doing stupid things in the real world. But, it could definitely help streamline the online damage control you need to do on Sunday morning -- giving you more time to lie comatose in bed trying to convince yourself that you played it totally cool last night.

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