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British Hacker Gets Two Years for Laundering Zynga Credits

Earlier today, a British hacker was sentenced to two years in prison for five counts of hacking and theft. Ashley Mitchell, 29, hacked into Zynga (the game giant behind 'FarmVille' and 'Texas HoldEm Poker'), stole more than $11 million in credits, and laundered a third of them through Facebook.

There are some potentially interesting ramifications to this case. The court ignored the defense's argument that, because Zynga can produce limitless chips, the theft couldn't be assigned a specific dollar amount. Lawyers had argued for leniency, noting that Mitchell was addicted to online games, and was gambling upwards of $1,500 per day when he committed the theft in 2009. Sort of like wearing a name tag to a bank heist, Mitchell was identified because he was logged into his own Facebook profile during one of the attacks.

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