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Facebook Status Update Thwarts Armed Robbery

nitesh bhakta
We think of Facebook as a lot of things, but life-saving is usually not one of them. But the social network was the lifeline for 20-year-old Nitesh Bhakta and his family, who found themselves in the midst of an armed robbery last week in Cartersville, G.A. The University of Georgia student was sitting in his room at home when he heard his grandmother scream. He opened the door to his room and saw three masked men wielding guns. Nitesh immediately locked his door and hid in the attic, stopping first to grab his laptop. The student had forgotten his cell phone back in Athens, and was unable to call for help. So he did the only thing he could think of: He posted a status update to Facebook.

Most of Nitesh's friends took his message -- "HELP, ROBBERS, NO PHONE" -- as a joke. Thankfully, his best friend John Salter took him seriously and immediately called the Bartow County Sheriff's Department. Nitesh hid in the dark attic while the intruders tied his grandmother and younger sister up downstairs. But, as soon as they heard the sirens, all three perps fled. Police only managed to nab one of the suspects, but the other two shouldn't be hard to track down. They both dropped their cell phones at the scene.

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