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UChicago Student Launches Hookup Site, World Freaks Out

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Full disclosure before we move forward with this one: I went to the University of Chicago. For days I have been fielding IMs and staring at Facebook posts about this hookup site brouhaha. If I had my way, I'd perform a partial lobotomy to expunge any knowledge of UChicago's unofficial tagline is "where fun comes to die." The site's is "where fun comes to thrive." Even typing those words makes me shudder. For the sake of the blog, I'll push forward with the post.

Wow! Some undergraduate at the University of Chicago started a message board for students looking to get some! This is rilly funny, because that school is soooo lame and the students are all dorks, amirite? But they want to hook up with each other like regular college students. Hah!

I think the site's mission statement is something like: "Speaking to someone in person is hard, yo." And I think that's kind of the same mission statement as the school. (Srsly!) I don't know what is awesomer -- the fact that the original Angelfire design was revived just for this site or the epigraphs (courtesy of, among others, Playboy exec and UChicago alum, Victor Lownes).

If you'll excuse me, I have to lie down now.

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