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The Latest ISS Crew Member is a Humanoid Robot

Robonaut (or R2 for short) just made his grand debut on the International Space Station as the first humanoid 'bot to reach the void above. R2 was dropped off by the Space Shuttle Discovery on its last mission to the final frontier, and on Tuesday (a full two and half weeks after its arrival) crew aboard the ISS finally held an unveiling ceremony for its latest member. Astronauts Catherine Coleman (America) and Paolo Nespoli (Italy) mugged for the camera as they pried the lid off the box declaring, "It's like unearthing a mummy!" They revealed a crate full of foam, but no robot. Eventually the camera zoomed out to reveal Robonaut in front of a control panel. "I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our crew," said Coleman.

Robonaut's official arrival was also announced via the humanoid's Twitter feed. R2 isn't tweeting on his own however. Messages are posted by members of the NASA ground crew. Check out the entire video unveiling above.

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