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The Future of Larry Page at Google, First-Person 'Mario'

Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.


Goodbye, Foreign Bureau
When crises like this are happening, its easier to turn off Twitter and look to media that demand less participation, like video streams.
The NYT paywall arrives
I, for one, prefer the experience of reading on the web on my iPad, rather than reading an iPad app which has no search, no links, no archives, no social recommendations, etc etc. If the NYT wanted to kill any incentive to read and develop its iPad app, it's going about it the right way.
7 Ways Larry Page is Defining Google's Future
Larry Page isn't on Facebook, he doesn't trade one-liners on Twitter, and if he has ambitions of becoming the Foursquare mayor of the Googleplex, he'll have a hard time unseating Ty Lim, a Google attorney who has racked up 32 'plex check-ins in the past 60 days. Page's apparent lack of personal interest on the web's major social sites creates a convenient narrative for Google's dreadful record in the space -- a string of failures that include Dodgeball, Jaiku, Lively, Buzz, and Wave.



  • Citypages digs into the history of 'Oregon Trail,' which first debuted in 1971 in one of the 21-year-old creator's high school classes. [From: Citypages]

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