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FPS Junkies Looking for a Fix Need to Look No Further Than 'BeGone'

Some say that the only certainties in the world are death and taxes, but if anyone's made a compelling game about the latter, well, we want to play it. Death, on the other hand, is everywhere in games. This week, we'll take a look at a few games about The End, from the poignant to the hilarious. And no zombie games, we promise.

'BeGone,' a Unity-powered first person shooter, provides deathmatch action for up to 12 players at a time, making it perfect for quick bouts of machine-gun-assisted anger management. While it won't put any console FPS to shame, it does look fantastic (although your mileage may vary when it comes to performance). We had to turn down the graphics resolution to get a non-choppy experience, and even then we still had trouble getting any headshots. Oh, and a word to the wise: Don't even think about playing it without a mouse, unless you enjoy the shame of being sniped 20 seconds into a round.


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