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Striking Detroit Symphony Musicians Take Fight to Facebook

detroit symphony orchestra page
Musicians at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra have been on strike for months now and, unsurprisingly, fans have opinions on it. It's also no surprise (to everyone but the management) that much of the argument has been taken to the official Facebook page with people in positions of power stooping to bait that they shouldn't.

Earlier this year, for example, management set off a firestorm of comments when someone pointed out that the bulk of the members from the Save Our Symphony group had never donated to the orchestra.
Most aren't saving the symphony. They don't attend concerts, don't applaud our talented musicians, don't donate. Who's truly saving the DSO? Board, donors, subscribers, staff & musicians, educators, students. Why isn't SOS contributing to the DSO?
Validity of the post aside, it's worth it for organizations and businesses to pay attention what's happening here. People still seem to find it shocking that waves of commenters would choose an organization's Facebook page as a platform. Instead, they should realize that it's probably the first place people will turn to en masse if they have a gripe, or worse.

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