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New York Times Digital Subscription Plans Cuts Apple In on the Action

New York Times
After over a year of planning, the New York Times has finally unveiled its new paywall system, and one of the major beneficiaries may wind up being Apple. In addition to selling website subscriptions directly to readers, the Times will offer plans through the Apple App Store. That means that, in compliance with Apple's new subscription policy, the paper will hand over 30-percent of the revenue to the House of Jobs.

You can check out our breakdown of the paywall options here. The best deal, however remains the print subscription. New Yorkers can get the print edition, which includes unfettered digital access, for around $25 a month for four weeks. The price is higher for non-New York residents, but often still comes in under $35. Though the New York Times wants to offer the convenience of a digital subscription, it's clear that its most cherished customers will continue to be print subscribers.

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