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Lady Gaga to Answer 'WHY RU SO WIERD' And Other Fan Questions for Google

Want to know Lady Gaga's favorite color, or if she likes a boy? Get ready to grill, because the Lady's taking fangirl and fanboy-submitted questions for Google. Squee!

Submit a video or text question on Gaga's YouTube page, or tweet it with the hashtag #GoogleGoesGaga, until midnight on March 18th. She'll then respond to a selection of them in a YouTube video, probably while wearing a Jeremy Scott-designed burlap sack and holding a jar of dead centipedes. Google dumbly suggests questions like, "Was the meat dress really made of meat?" Uh, no doy, Google. We thought you were good at searches and stuff. The only question we'd ask is: "'Born This Way'? WHY?" (Also, "Can we have some video glasses? XOXO")

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