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EaTheremin's Noisy Forks: Because Utensils Weren't Already Annoying Enough

Do you wonder if the urbane baritone who narrates those DigInfo News spots ever has to record multiple takes because he's laughing his (possibly) Australian ass off at those consistently wacky Japanese inventions? I do. Because I'm not sure I'd be able to say "chicken skin can generate vibrato effects" without breaking into some kind of fit of giggling burp-ups.

Anyway, these are forks that make noises when you eat. Noises that made my cats duck for cover. Basically, these instrumental utensils turn you into a living circuit-cum-theremin so that family dinners can sound like early Pauline Oliveros or something? Just watch the video. But be prepared for lots of close-up shots of this woman's mouth chewing a variety of foodstuffs.

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