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The Zune (What's That Again?) Kicks It

zune fanSad news for the Zune guy and the three other people who care about Microsoft's long-embattled MP3 player: The company has halted production. Less than five years after rolling out its intended iPod killer, Microsoft has said that they will not be making any new Zune players.

Since its release in 2006, the Zune struggled to reach any sort of market share when it turned out that appearing five years behind the iPod can be a, uh, handicap. And its small, if rabid, fanbase was hardly enough to unseat Apple's dominance (or, as we saw last year, even enter the general parlance).

Super fans might get some comfort in knowing the software, (the part of the Zune insiders were most impressed with) will continue to live on in Windows phones and on Xboxes. In other words, its gone on to a better place.

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