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AT&T to Impose a Broadband Cap in May

at&t logoOn May 2nd, AT&T will impose a broadband data cap for all DSL and U-Verse customers, after having already implemented similar usage limits for wireless users nearly a year ago. People connecting to the Internet through DSL will face a monthly limit of 150 gigabytes, while U-Verse users will be capped at 250 GB per month. Anyone exceeding these limits more than three times in three different months will have to pay a $10 in overage charges for every extra 50 GB.

"We will communicate early and often with these customers so they are well aware of their options before they incur any additional usage charges," AT&T told Broadband Reports. "Importantly, we are not reducing the speeds, terminating service or limiting available data like some others in the industry."

In a statement provided to Engadget, the company said the changes will only affect "less than 2 percent" of its customers, adding that most consumers have been supportive of the plan. "Customers strongly believe that only those who use the most bandwidth should pay more than those who don't use as much," AT&T explained.

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