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Anonymous Leaks Bank of America E-Mails, Alleges 'Corruption and Fraud'

anonymous and bank of americaEarly this morning, Anonymous released a collection of internal e-mails sent between employees at Bank of America, in an attempt to expose what the group calls widespread "corruption and fraud."

The e-mails, allegedly obtained from a former bank employee, document discussions among workers at Balboa Insurance, a Bank of America subsidiary that offers mortgage and car insurance to banks and home insurance to consumers. Anonymous claims that the leak provides clear evidence that the bank foreclosed on homes without having the documentation required to do so.

Bank of America, however, insists that the stolen e-mails and memos are not related to foreclosures, and vehemently denies Anonymous' allegations. "We are confident that [the former employee's] extravagant assertions are untrue," a bank spokesman told Reuters.

Today's leak comes about four months after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced that he had obtained data that could "take down" Bank of America. Speaking to Forbes, Assange claimed he had "tens or hundreds of thousands" of confidential documents that expose "some flagrant violations" and "unethical practices" at the bank.

Last month, however, Assange acknowledged that the documents may not reveal as much scandalous information as he'd previously envisioned. At this point, it's still unclear whether Anonymous' leak is at all related to WikiLeaks' data.

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