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Don't Propose With Stolen Rings (and Don't Post About It on Facebook)

People, people! How many times do we have to go over this? If you do something illegal, don't post it on Facebook. It ain't exactly rocket science. Today's very special lesson comes via Pennsylvania, where a young man gave his betrothed a stolen diamond ring (classy!) that she very quickly took to bragging about on the Intertubes.

"Look what Robby gave me I love him so much," Crystal Yamnitzky posted, along with a photo of the $12,000 ring. Of course, as in all good Internet capers, her (Facebook friend and) cousin recognized the ring as his friend's, passed along the information, and eventually the police were notified. The couple has been arrested and are both facing charges.

To recap:
  1. Don't steal.
  2. If you do steal, don't post a photo of the stolen goods on Facebook.
  3. If you do post, make sure you aren't Facebook friends with anyone who would recognize said item.
Class dismissed.

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