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Groupon Testing B2B Waters with $12,500 'Deal'

We're used to seeing Groupon deals invade our inbox with offers for half-price sushi and dirt cheap laser hair removal. Most deals don't exceed $99. But last week, an offer for 50-percent off IT consulting services from Ajilitee popped up in the new Groupon Stores. And, even with the half-off discount, Ajilitee's services still cost a staggering $12,500. The company didn't have any takers during the week-long run of the promotion, but Ajilitee isn't discouraged. Targeting the B2B (business-to-business) market is a new experiment for Groupon, and the IT company considers it a success if the media attention generated by the offer convinces even one person to call and look into its services.

The question remains whether or not these deal-of-the-day-style outlets can prove effective or compelling in the B2B market. Costs are higher and the decision-making process much slower for businesses. Ajilitee isn't sure weather or not Groupon has a future in the B2B market, but it doesn't care. A spokesperson, speaking to Fast Company, just seemed happy to be part of the experiment.

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