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New Dating Site Matches You With Your Doppelgänger

celebrity couple lookalikes is a new dating site that is sure to raise some eyebrows when it launches later this month. After you upload a picture of yourself, the site uses facial recognition software to analyze your visage and find you a mate based on how similar you look. The software tracks key points on the face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) and finds individuals with similar placement and spacing. Christina Bloom, the site's creator, dreamed up Facemate because she felt that she and her now ex-husband look a lot alike. The site may spit out initial matches based on facial similarities, but other factors (like compatible interests) are taken into account, too.

We're not sold on the idea and, honestly, we think it's a little creepy. Doesn't wanting to date your doppelgänger strike anyone as a bit vain, or masturbatory? And, as Casey Chan at Gizmodo rightly points out, you know who tend to look alike? Siblings. And that's just gross.

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