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Number of Malware-Infected Sites Has Doubled Since Last Year, Study Says

infected websites from dasient
Well, this is discouraging. According to new statistics from security firm Dasient, the number of websites infected with malware has doubled since last year, with more than one million sites compromised during the fourth quarter of 2010. Malware-filled advertising, or 'malvertising,' is on an even more meteoric rise. Dasient detected three million malicious ads per day during the fourth quarter of 2010 -- a 100-percent increase over the third quarter. The volume of malware is so high, in fact, that after just three months of web browsing, the average Internet user has a 95-percent chance of encountering an infected page.

Dasient's somber announcement comes on the heels of a report released this week from WhiteHat Security, which examined the security of some 3,000 sites across 400 organizations. WhiteHat found that a full 44-percent of those sites suffered from serious vulnerabilities at all times, and that 26-percent were frequently vulnerable during an average of at least 270 days per year. Just 16-percent were deemed secure at all times.

The bottom line, then, is that the Internet is a scary, dangerous place. So be careful out there.

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