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'Sheen's-Korner' Takes on Trolls With Truth Torpedoes

Charlie Sheen, for whatever reason, simply refuses to shut up and go away. Instead, he took his lawyers' advice to "stop talking with the press" to mean that it's fine to rant and rave via streaming video, as long as there is no interviewer present. And thus was born 'Sheen's-Korner,' a 50-minute live USTREAM show with the tag line, "You're either in Sheen's-Korner or you're with the trolls." The show allows him to deliver "truth torpedoes" to the masses and satiate their morbid curiosity with nuggets of wisdom and knowledge. (E.g. "It is what it is. What a dumb expression! It is what it is? Yeah, and you are how you are. Clearly. Leave. Boring! Goodbye. Execute!")

Episode one apparently failed to meet Sheen's exacting standards for #winning, and has disappeared from USTREAM. The second episode features a rambling Sheen staring down into a webcam as he discusses 'Sheen's-Korner' on his phone, "a piece of plastic covered in lights and buttons," which was apparently designed by "trolls." If you can't get enough of the 'Major League' star's public meltdown, check out the second episode of 'Sheen's-Korner' after the break.

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