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Humanoid Cell Phone Is Covered in Realistic 'Skin'

Remember the Telenoid, the creepy humanoid bot that transmitted both the voice and the head movements of its operator? Imagine having that nightmare-inducing creation in your pocket at all times. The Elfoid P1 is essentially that: a ghostly robot effigy, shrunk down to handheld proportions and made into a cell phone. The outer coating is specially designed to feel like human skin (eww!), and hides a dial pad, as well as a glowing LED "heart," which turns blue when the phone is in use and red when in standby. Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International is hoping to bring the device to market by 2016 with the added ability to display facial movements. A camera in the device's head will track the speaker's facial movements, and the Elfoid on the receiving end of the call will recreate those expressions. See a demonstration of this future star of your night-terrors above.

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