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Avoid Tech With the Aid of an App

Sabbath Manifesto
Despite being tech bloggers, we're all about unplugging for a while, and setting aside time to be tech-free. Reboot, a Jewish non-profit organization, also wants you to find time to unplug, specifically in honor of the sabbath. The group has created both a mobile app and Web app called 'Sabbath Manifesto,' which helps to remind you to disconnect, and allows you to tell others about your plans to go offline. Though Reboot has its roots in Jewish tradition, the group wants people of all beliefs to join in the second annual National Day of Unplugging, which begins at sundown on March 4th. During the following 25 hours, Reboot encourages users to observe 10 principles, the first and most obvious being "Avoid technology." But the list goes further, encouraging participants to "connect with loved ones," "get outside" and "give back."

Reboot is aware of the strangeness of using an app to help you disconnect. A spokesperson told the New York Times, "[We] fully get the irony of using a high-tech app to announce a low-tech day. But really, what better way to tell your followers that you won't be tweeting on the weekend." Besides having the ability to get reminders and share your intention to unplug through various social networks, you can also use 'Sabbath Manifesto' to draft, well, a manifesto, explaining why you'll be shunning the Web for 24 hours. The app is available for Android and BlackBerry currently, and an iPhone version is awaiting approval from Apple.

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