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The Future of Fashion May Mean Designing Your Own Duds

Mary Huang dress
By employing Delaunay Triangulation, or the practice of creating wide-angled triangles along a set of given points, designer Mary Huang hopes to democratize the little black dress. With her project 'Continuum,' which is about to hit Kickstarter, she hopes to take her proprietary software, and offer it to any gal who wants a hyper-futuristic dress entirely tailored to her own proportions. "Could we use technology to democratize haute couture? Could we let people design their own dress, and still maintain a cohesive, recognizable design?" Huang wonders.

The notion, Huang tells Co.Design, is to "have your clothes made to fit you, instead of figuring out how you fit into clothes." The interface is a simple point-and-click, allowing the user to create more triangles for volume or texture. The "D.dress," as it's called, is made simply through the addition and subtraction of angles, and is made to fit the body by entering a number of measurements (as in normal fashion fitting).

By taking a two-dimensional image -- the brief outline of a dress, be it one-shouldered or ball-gown length -- and converting it into a 3-D rendering, the design can be sent to a manufacturer and actually created, letting the user receive a one-of-a-kind item that was made to fit. What is revolutionary here is not the avant garde design of the dress, but the notion that a few lines, on a model that is meant to replicate your own body type, can be converted into something easily produced. Of course, this simplicity is still expensive; Huang says a full-length garment could cost $1,000. (For those who are handy with sewing apparati, she said that patterns will be produced and available for free download.) D.dress may be pricey, but perhaps worth it for advancing technology that allows users to entirely tailor their own fashion existence to precisely what they want, and what will fit them best. We are a long way from a world with no labels, but self-customization of clothing seems to be an inevitable next step.

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