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Survey: 1 in 5 Drivers Browse the Web Behind the Wheel

Driving while talking and texting may seem dangerous enough, but just wait and see what happens as the roads fill up with people driving and browsing the Web. According to a survey by State Farm, it's already happening: More than 19-percent of respondents admitted to browsing on their phone while behind the wheel. That number is significantly lower than the 74-percent that said they'd made or received phone calls while driving, and the 35-percent who sent text messages, but it's still a terrifying to think one in every five cars you encounter may be helmed by someone checking sports scores or Facebook updates on their phone.

State Farm plans to launch a more detailed study of the behavior soon. Cindy Garretson, director of auto technology research at State Farm, told USA Today that 19-percent may be a low estimate. The actual percentage my be highter "because the majority of the respondents were in the age range of the 30s," she said, adding, "the largest users of cellphones tend to be the younger-age population." Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a dark hole to go hide in before we get run over by somebody Googling "Santorum."

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