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'The Journey Down: Over the Edge' Evokes Classic Adventure Gaming

The Journey Down: Over the Edge
As Method Man will readily tell you, cash rules everything around us. While we don't yet live in a world where breaking bricks with our heads yields precious gold coins, we can still indulge in rampant greed in the gaming world. This week we'll be looking at games that revolve around dollar bills, gold medallions, and all manner of monetary excitement.

Following (closely) in the footsteps of adventure game classics like 'The Secret of Monkey Island' comes 'The Journey Down: Over the Edge'. 'Over the Edge' is the first of a four-part adventure starring Bwana, a down on his luck gas station attendant who is, of course, about to get wrapped up in events far greater than he can imagine. It's an auspicious beginning to what looks to be one of the most charming indie game experiences this year. Sporting beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds and a soundtrack that evokes fond memories of the 'Monkey Island' series, this highly polished piece of nostalgia weaves a remarkably lush world worth getting lost in. If you're able to stomach some rather broadly drawn racial stereotypes (never has "mon" been so overused), then you can download it for PC right now.

The Journey Down: Over the Edge

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