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Teen's Hacked Facebook Account Invites 4,000 to House Party

Aussie teen's Facebook hacked.
An Australian teen's Facebook account was hacked and used to invite more than 4,000 people to a party at his parents' house. According to an AAP report, the unnamed South Brisbane boy, who apparently had planned on having a small party with friends before his account was compromised, told his dad what had happened when the number of people who RSVPd climbed into the thousands. "The first thing I thought was 'how am I going to be able to control this,' because the numbers of people coming just kept climbing, it was crazy," the dad said in a statement. The family posted online that the party had been cancelled, and notified Brisbane police (via Twitter, oddly enough) that thousands of drunk teens could potentially descend upon their home. The police agreed to post a couple officers outside the property, just in case any partiers showed up over the weekend.

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