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$200 Scanner Detects Cancer Cells, Diagnoses With iPhone App

cancer scanner
Researchers at Harvard University and MIT have developed a handheld scanner that can detect potential cancer cells and diagnose them with an iPhone app -- all in about an hour. According to Physorg, the scanner uses antibodies and magnetic particles to identify suspicious lumps. But rather than biopsy the entire mass, the scanner, which costs just $200 to create, extracts cells from all over the mass using a small needle. The device can then be connected to an iPhone, and an app will diagnose the sampled cells in an hour or less. In Dr. Ralph Weissleder's trial of 50 patients, the scanner provided an accurate diagnosis 96-percent of the time. A typical diagnosis, which involves a painful biopsy and a few days of waiting for lab results, is only accurate 84-percent of the time.

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