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Become a Virtual '80s Stock Broker in 'American Dream'

American Dream
As Method Man will readily tell you, cash rules everything around us. While we don't yet live in a world where breaking bricks with our heads yields precious gold coins, we can still indulge in rampant greed in the gaming world. This week we'll be looking at games that revolve around dollar bills, gold medallions and all manner of monetary excitement.

'American Dream' is a simulation that combines stock trading and interior decoration. By day, you'll buy and trade '80s celebrities, from Mr. T to Michael Jackson, like stocks. Make enough money on the market and you'll be able to deck out your pad with the finest in home furnishings, from a Commodore 64 to a porcelain tub. Get your home looking swanky enough and you'll start getting invited to debaucherous (and slightly NSFW) parties where you can pick up choice stock tips. The game is drenched in a sleazy '80s vibe that would make even Gordan Gekko cringe; just buy low and sell high, and you'll make your first million in no time.

American Dream

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