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NFL Testing Sensor-Laden Under Armour Shirts at Combine Training

NFL prospects wear Under Armour shirt with sensor.
During this weekend's NFL Combine, some prospects will wear an Under Armour shirt equipped with an accelerometer as well as heart and breathing monitors. According to Wired, the E39 shirt is made from the same material as Under Armour's other compression gear, and weighs less than 4.5 ounces -- even with the bright yellow puck stitched just below the chest. In addition to the accelerometer, the sensor pack contains a processor and 2 gigabytes of storage. The E39 can share the information it gathers via Bluetooth, helping NFL personnel to determine which prospects they will draft in April. The shirt's triaxial accelerometer monitors the body in parts; for example, it sensese the left and right leg independently, so that athletes can find the smallest inefficiencies in their movements and fix them. After this weekend's Combine workouts, Under Armour will test the shirt with contracted players and teams before letting non-contracted teams give it a try. Eventually, regular folks will be able to buy one of these shirts, so we can have scientific evidence on how out of shape we are.

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