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Hide Ya' Kids, Hide Ya' Eyes: 'The Chronicles Of Rick Roll' Is Real

You might have seen the teaser for 'The Chronicles of Rick Roll' already, and thought to yourself, "This is a really bad joke." But you'd be wrong!

The creator of the clip, Andrew Fischer of, told Business Insider he is very serious about making a feature-length film. He assured the publication that "the movie is not a prank," and said he's hoping for a theatrical release. Even if Fischer succeeds in getting 'The Chronicles of Rick Roll' on the big screen, we're not sold on the idea of an "epic comedy" staring viral video celebs like Antoine Dodson, Paul Vasquez, the "Numa Numa" guy, and Leroy Jenkins. Okay, maybe that's an understatement. We're terrified of this film. An hour and a half of Dodsen telling everyone to hide their kids and Vasquez getting over-excited about rainbows? Stab our eyes.

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