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Facebook Shuts Down 'Breakup Notifier' App, Leaving Stalkers in the Dark

Remember 'Breakup Notifier,' the overtly stalker-friendly Facebook app that would e-mail you whenever any of your crushes changed their relationship status? Well, it appears to have been shut down after attracting more than 3.6 million users. App creator Dan Loewenherz received a message from Facebook yesterday, confirming that the site's automated systems flagged 'Breakup Notifier' for suspected spammy behavior. "We have automated systems in place to ensure apps on Facebook Platform provide a positive user experience, and we're currently looking into the issue with 'Breakup Notifier'," Facebook told TechCrunch. Loewenherz, meanwhile, says he's willing to do anything necessary to reactivate the app and satiate the masses.

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